10 Essential Facts about Changed Behaviour and Psychological Symptoms in Dementia

What you need to know about drugs, care and your legal and ethical rights

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Coping with changing behaviour

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Learn more about how we are empowering people living with dementia, their families and supporters to be informed decision makers regarding the care and treatment (including medications) they receive.


Who are we?

The Empowered Project is funded by the Australian Government through the Dementia and Aged Care Services (DACS) Fund. The project is led by human rights charity Capacity Australia, in partnership with the Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration, UNSW Sydney.


What will we do?

Funding has been provided to implement a national awareness-raising campaign aiming to provide the Australian community with information about choice, legal, ethical and human rights regarding dementia care, particularly the use of medications to treat changed behaviours.

Why do we need empowerment?

People with dementia have the right to autonomy and choice, based on informed consent, in regards to treatment including drug treatments. They have the right to receive evidence-based, quality care in the community, hospital and in aged care facilities.

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